New software for strip based tests in diagnostics

Unternehmen | 30.05.2012

Computer based automation of high throughput processes reduce error rate in daily routine of laboratoriesmehr

Scientific Paper recommends LabImage 1D for best calculation

Pressemitteilungen | 07.08.2012

A scientific comparisons study of 1D gel electrophoresis software showed that LabImage 1D provides best results in calculation. The study compared...mehr

Kapelan Bio-Imaging starts Public Beta Testing for German version

LabImage Applications | 16.12.2005

Kapelan Bio-Imaging starts Public Beta Testing for German versionmehr

New version of LabImage released

LabImage 1D | 03.02.2006

LabImage 1D 2006 is a new type of 1D electrophoresis software. New features as step-by-step workflow, strong image analysis algorithms, flexible...mehr

Kapelan Bio-Imaging and CLC bio are pleased to announce the formation of a business partnership

Pressemitteilungen | 13.11.2006

CLC bio is one of the leading bioinformatics companies within genetics and proteomics by providing software, hardware and consulting solutions for ...mehr

News and Press Archive

PM: Deutsche Unterstützung für Forscher weltweit – kostenfreie 1D Analyse Software

Pressemitteilungen | 28.03.2014

- Leipziger Unternehmen bietet ab sofort kostenfreie Version seiner 1D Analyse Software LabImage 1D an.

- Weltweit arbeiten Millionen Forscher mit...mehr

Weltweit erster Software Application Pool für Bio-Imaging Anwendungen

Pressemitteilungen | 16.01.2014

Mit der LabImage Plattform bietet das Leipziger Bioinformatik-Unternehmen Kapelan Bio-Imaging schon seit Jahren ein umfassendes Werkzeug für sämtliche...mehr

Danish Novo Nordisk decides for automated gel analysis with LabImage 1D

Pressemitteilungen | 28.03.2011

The world leader in Diabetes care, Novo Nordisk, is using LabImage 1D in research and development as a tool to improve the development of new...mehr

project supported by Kapelan Bio-Imaging wins price for entrepreneurship

Pressemitteilungen | 01.03.2010

A project supported by Kapelan Bio-Imaging wins price for entrepreneurship at the chamber of commerce and economy in Leipzig.

The Leipzig...


Kapelan and Fraunhofer Institute in Leipzig run Forum for Bioinformatics

Pressemitteilungen | 22.09.2009

The Forum Bioinformatics 2008 is part of the Fraunhofer Life Science Symposium "Ischemia and Regeneration" to be held in Leipzig on...mehr